Hollie and Figgs Magical Adventures and Hollie and Figgs: The Missing Rainbow are both rated as five stars on Waterstones online, Goodreads.com and Amazon.


I liked the ‘helping hand’ element of the story. The cat is wonderful, and well-illustrated too.
The children in my class read this over and over.
— Primary teacher, 43
.....The story is an illustration of the struggles that many children face and coupled with the colourful illustrations the book brings the characters to life. A highly recommended read and the story of triumph over adversity for all ages.
— Amazon reviewer 'lyndydebs'
My 8 year old son loved the idea of Figgs the cat taking Hollie on magical adventures, as we have a cat too. It’s a story of friendship and has a really positive message.
— Amazon reviewer 'over40andamumtoone'
...Definitely worth buying for your child, it will keep them entertained, engaged and stimulate their imagination... and you’ll end up loving it too!
— Amazon Reviewer
Wonderful story, introducing issues of jealousy, trust, disappointment and sibling rivalry, for children to consider and how that could relate to them
— Amazon reviewer
Another great read!! Brilliant second story that continues on from the first, with some great new character’s and events! Brilliant book to read to the little ones that they can enjoy and learn from as well.
— Amazon reviewer
I enjoyed this second story in the Hollie and Figgs series and the colourful art pairs well with it. An enchanting tale that leaves room for creativity and discussion which makes it a fun book to read together over and over again. Hidden in the magic is a gentle moral lesson that both grown-ups and children can relate to. But above all, this story is about the special relationship between a girl and her cat, and what’s not to love about that. The colouring page at the back of the book is a nice touch.
— Amazon reviewer