School Visits

Annette visits children aged 5-8 years old in primary schools (School years 1, 2 and 3). Annette is also fully DBS checked.

Visiting schools is an important part of the work Annette does. Hollie and Figgs’ books are not just great children’s storybooks they can also be used by teachers/parents as a springboard to meaningful discussion.

What to expect from Annette’s visits

  • Annette talks about her own writing journey and the role of the author, illustrator, musician and animator.

  • Discussion on the themes/topics in the stories in a meaningful yet fun and engaging way.

  • Activities that help children express their imagination and creativity

  • Interactive Q&A session

  • Story writing, character creating and art

  • Exercises to help children build their confidence and to address friendship issues. Children can also sing along to the Hollie and Figgs theme song and watch the animation.

Through Annette’s stories and activities, she promotes the idea of being a good citizen.


(Due to commence upon completion of the Eco-warriors book)

Hollie and Figgs: Eco-warriors is a new project whereby Annette has created an illustrative rhyming book that demonstrates issues the planet is facing like plastic pollution and global warming. Annette plans on visiting school children to read the rhymes from the book and open up a discussion on environmental issues. She will also hold activities whereby children can learn what they can do to help the planet.

social media

Annette shares a lot of the children’s work on her social media channels and her blog if agreed by the school and parents.


Morning & afternoon visiting slots available

1.5 hours - £100

2 hours - £150

3 hours - £200

Travel expenses added if visiting outside a 20-mile radius of the LE2 postcode


  • 5% of book sales through your school will be donated towards your school fund!

  • Freedom to sell her books to parents/staff who would like to purchase a signed copy

    Annette has a letter that school staff can send out to parents prior to the visit


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