Hollie and Figgs: the inspiration and the journey

Hollie is based on Annette Sharman’s daughter Holly. Figgs is based on their cat Tiggs. When Annette’s daughter wasn’t well, she had an idea that could boost her daughters confidence and help her feel better.

Annette had always been interested in children’s literature and would often read to her children and made up bedtime stories.

One day, Annette asked her daughter if she would like to draw some illustrations for a story she planned to write. Holly agreed and Annette proceeded to take an online course in writing stories for children.

This is when the idea of Hollie and Figgs was born. The story was based on her daughter and their cat. The character Hollie had the same characteristics as Annette’s daughter Holly; loving, sensitive, with a vivid imagination and long fair hair. Figgs her cat represented Holly’s own cat Tiggs; grey with green eyes, very cute and ultra intelligent.

For Holly, drawing the illustrations was very therapeutic and extremely helpful at a difficult time. You can see some of Holly’s original drawings in our animation below!