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Hollie and Figgs Magical Adventures is an award-winning, fun, colourful and fully illustrated children’s short storybook about friendship and magical adventure, ideal for ages 5-8 years-grownup.

It features a young girl called Hollie and her talking magical cat Figgs. In the story, Hollie found it hard to make new friends after she had moved to a new school. Figgs didn’t like seeing her sad. One day she was given some English homework, where she had to write a story with the title ‘Wishes’. She looked at Figgs for inspiration and wished he could take her to a faraway land. She didn’t finish her homework and fell asleep. This is when Figgs revealed that he was magic and could talk. He took her on a magical adventure to a kingdom called Hippogoblin Land where she met a princess who was also sad and lonely. When she arrived home, she wondered if it had all been a dream. She got a big surprise when she read out loud her homework in front of the class.

Hollie and Figgs are lovable and relatable characters and children/readers will be left wondering what their next adventure will be.

The storyline involves a gentle moral, life lesson and a happy ending. The topics in the book include friendship, magic, moving to a new school, finding it hard to make friends and trust issues. These are ideal for sparking off a classroom discussion in PSHE. The book can be read by older children or read to younger children. A must read fantasy/fairytale story for any child who wishes their pet can talk and take them on a magical adventure.

For added fun why not watch the animation and sing along to the Hollie and Figgs song! The animation is located at the bottom of the homepage.