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Hollie and Figgs: The Missing Rainbow is the second in the Hollie and Figgs series of children’s books and can be thoroughly enjoyed as a standalone story.

It is another fun, colourful and fully illustrated children’s short story book for ages 5-8 years-grown-up.

In the story, Hollie was very excited to attend princess Lulubud’s ball. When she and Figgs flew to the magic kingdom for the ball, all didn’t go as planned. The rainbow that kept all of the magic inside Hippogoblin Land had gone missing. Princess Lulubud’s ball had been cancelled and everyone was very upset.

Will Hollie and Figgs be able to solve the mystery of the missing rainbow? Will Princess Lulubud have the ball of her dreams? Will Hippogoblin Land ever be the same again? 

 There are new characters in this story. There’s a big, cuddly, furry blue bear that flies called Smudgers; a guide called Thomasin who comes from the magical kingdom of Chippogoblin Land, some little creepy creatures called Polygrogs, and other new fantastical characters.

The story involves morals, life lessons and a happy ending. The topics in the book include friendship, pets, problem-solving, sibling rivalry and forgiveness which are ideal for sparking classroom discussion in PSHE.

The book can be read by older children or read to younger children. A must read fantasy/fairytale story for any child who wishes their pet could talk and take them on magical adventures. Or for any child who dreams of being a princess or a hero.

For added fun why not watch the animation and sing along to the Hollie and Figgs song! The animation is located at the bottom of the homepage.