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Have you heard about plastic pollution and global warming? These are just some of the very real threats to the survival of our planet today.

This e-book is interactive, educational and a valuable resource for schools and for parents who want to teach their children about environmental issues. The illustrations and rhymes make a great talking point and overall, the book is a key resource for PHSE lessons.

Annette, the author decided to use her book characters Hollie and Figgs to help spread awareness and show what we can all do to help the planet.  The book is aimed at children but is a delightful read for any age.

In the book, Hollie and Figgs are eco-warriors with the aim to save the planet from harm.

Beth Hilliard, the illustrator has created colourful and informative illustrations. The main book character, Hollie has written rhymes to go with each illustration. The rhymes are fun and descriptive and their aim is to generate discussion on the themes they evoke. For an extra bit of fun, each illustration has a hidden character for the reader to find. At the back of the book, there are notes/activities for teachers and parents to do with their children.