Annette Sharman

Annette is a children’s author from the Midlands in the UK. She lives with her husband, two grown-up daughters and their cat called Tiggs. Annette says that her family is the most important part of her life.

Annette hasn’t always been a writer. She attended Art College after she left school, and continues to paint pictures when she can.
After Art College, she trained as a psychiatric nurse. Psychology, general health and well being has always been important to her; alongside her keen interest in complementary health care.

Annette is passionate about gardening and achieved the Royal Horticultural Society Advanced Certificate in Horticulture.

She loves to be creative, whether it be gardening, painting a picture or more recently, writing stories for children.

In her twenties, Annette co-wrote a paper and had it published in an international psycho-dynamic journal.

More recently, when Annette’s youngest daughter was unwell, her cat became a great comfort to her daughter.
She had an idea to help her daughter’s health and confidence by writing a story about their friendship whereby Annette would write and her daughter would draw the illustrations.

To gain a better understanding of how to structure her ideas into books, she took an online writing course focused on writing stories for children. 
She found the course invaluable, as it inspired many ideas, in particular, the story of Hollie and Figgs, a children's story about friendship and magical adventure.

Annette was pleased with the outcome and had positive reactions to the story and her daughter’s illustrations, so she decided to get the book published. 

She set about getting the illustrations professionally edited whilst maintaining the original look that her daughter had imagined. The professional edits really helped bring the characters in the story to life.

Along Annette’s journey she has also employed some young students and graduates to assist them in their professions. This has been an important and satisfying part of the Hollie and Figgs work to date.

Annette’s interest in well being also extends into the stories of Hollie and Figgs as they have meaningful and affirming messages for their young readers.